Welcome to NASBIS’ Special Founder’s Position Opportunity. The management of NASBIS would like to extend a special thanks to you for expressing your confidence in our leadership and your belief in our ability to execute our vision of this revolutionary approach to money and business. Consider yourself visionary entrepreneurs – those selected few who can see the potential in a vision and then take action to seize the opportunity.
The founder’s position which will remain open for a limited time at a cost of $997, is now provided to you at a deeply discounted price of $97, as our thank you for expressing your interest in, and willingness to support our proposal.
This early-bird price is for those who are willing to go through the BETA TESTING period with us.

Because this is a revolutionary approach to money and business, the uniqueness of our program may experience some hick-ups as we work out the wrinkles. Please be patient with us, but we are encouraging you to share your comments and observations so we can collectively bring forth an efficient seamless process from invitation to delivery of our promises.


Read and follow the instructions below to complete the registration process correctly. These instructions and the form can also be downloaded by clicking this DOWNLOAD button.

  1. Complete the registration form below by entering your first, last names and email, in the designated boxes.
    • Your User Name will be apart of your NASBIS referral link which you will share with the public.
    • In the “Referral ID” Box, enter the initial of your first name, your last name, and the month and year of your birth (all lower case joined together) for example, President Lincoln will use [alincoln1209], or select any user name that you would be comfortable with sharing to the general public.
    • In the “Referred by” Box, enter the first and last name, or the referral ID of the person who referred you to NASBIS.

2. Finally, enter the date, click and read the Terms and Conditions, then click the “I Agree” button indicating that you agree to abide by the membership TERM and CONDITIONS of NASBIS and its affiliated third-party providers.

After we receive your Founder’s entrance fee – $97, you will receive another email that will have your Referral Affiliate ID link.